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Sasa Dragojlo

President Vučić is not what he appears

The Serbian leader's authoritarian grip is tightening amid allegations of election irregularities and growing discontent

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The sound of the Kalashnikov on the EU border

Serbia’s frontier with Hungary has been turned into a war zone

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Serbia’s president is full of baloney – literally

Aleksandar Vučić’s sandwich PR stunt showed Serbians he’s all bark and no bite

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Violence is back in the Balkans

Renewed unrest in Kosovo has raised concerns of escalating ethnic tensions in the region

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Even in Serbia, Novak Djokovic is polarising

Whether he is the “Goat” or not, he has a unique brand of authenticity, happy to deviate from the expected behaviour of a global tennis star

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The trials of investigative reporting

In Serbia, pessimism and journalism go hand in hand

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After tragedy Serbians must ask, ‘who are we?’

After two mass shootings, we have seen selective empathy and the elevation of a superficial public image over substance. Is that really who we are?

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The biggest shitheap in Europe

Europe’s largest landfill site is just outside Belgrade – and it’s a factory of poison gases

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