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Letters to the Editor: UK’s E10 petrol move is a decade behind EU

Boris Johnson claims the UK is a world leader in combatting climate change, so why did this move take so long?

E10 petrol pumps at a Petrol Station in Liverpool. A cleaner form of petrol is being introduced at filling stations across Britain. Photograph: PA Images.

I wonder how many car drivers knew nothing about the introduction in the UK of E10 petrol? The many advantages of this fuel – lower emissions, more sustainable production, lower import levels – do not appear to have been widely touted by the government. Its introduction reduces carbon emissions by the equivalent of all the cars in North Yorkshire. Not game-changing, but certainly a good step forward.

Could this possibly have something to do with some embarrassment due to fact that it has been available in the EU since 2010 and the EU introduced it as a voluntary directive in 2011? It has been swiftly taken up by most member states with almost 100% of petrol sold in countries like Belgium and The Netherlands now E10.

As COP26 gets even closer it will be interesting to see how Johnson explains the UK’s 10-year lag given our claimed world-leading status in combatting climate change. Mind you, with all those lorries off the road because there’s nobody to drive them, hence saving lots of noxious emissions, there is at least one claim he can legitimately make. So, while you’re contemplating all the gaps on the supermarket shelves, console yourself with the thought that we’re doing our bit for climate change!

Rex Nesbit

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