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Sexist menu row sparks national debate in Italy

News that you might have missed from around the continent, selected by Steve Anglesey.

Agustina Gandolfo and Lautaro Martinez Photo: Photo by Claudio Villa - Inter/FC Internazionale via Getty Images

A social media influencer has sparked a national debate in Italy by complaining that she was handed a restaurant menu with no prices on it while her footballer partner was given a normal one.

Agustina Gandolfo, whose boyfriend is Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martínez, wrote on Instagram: “Did you know that many restaurants in Italy don’t put prices on menus they give to women? What if I wanted to pay? Does that mean they think women can’t afford an expensive meal?” However, the female manager of the Michelin-starred Da Vittorio near Bergamo, defended the practice, saying: “If a couple is at the table, we have a habit of giving the woman a menu without prices. It’s not discrimination, but a form of gallantry.” Rossella Cerea added that it allowed women to enjoy good food without worrying about “banal” things like its cost.

A group of trick-or-treaters in St Gallen, Switzerland, picked the wrong door on Halloween night – one answered by a woman who had recently arrived in the country from Ethiopia and, never having heard of the custom, responded to their attempts to scare her by attacking them.

The 33-year-old described herself as “inconsolable” but explained, “I was terrified. There were terrible creatures with their hands and masks held high. They were like monsters and yelled at me.”

The woman, who was holding a pencil she had been using to fill in a German language textbook, said she lashed out at the children, one of whom was briefly hospitalised.

A bored passenger who climbed out of his wife’s car for a cigarette while they were stuck in a traffic jam inside a border tunnel between Germany and Austria was surprised when the gridlock cleared and she drove off without him.

Police monitoring the 1.3km tunnel said the man, from Albania, was observed on CCTV running up and down the tunnel near Fussen, Bavaria, trying to find her. They were reunited later after a patrol car picked him up.

Police in Bree, Belgium, are hunting a couple who filmed themselves having sex on the altar of St Michael’s church.

The video has been widely shared on social media, and church administration president Ernest Essers said: “This goes beyond the limits of decency, respect and common sense. It’s not acceptable. This is public indecency.”

Police say they have a good chance of identifying the lovers, as the church has its own CCTV system.

Nuns in Wrocław, Poland who set up a “window of life”, where parents can anonymously place babies they feel unable to care for, were not amused when the latest drop-off turned out to be a large drunk man.

The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo say several infants have already been left in the window, which can be opened from the outside and is lined with blankets. An alarm alerts the nuns when someone is inside.

However, its most recent sounding brought them rushing to find a 20-year-old man, who had had the “brilliant” idea of crawling inside for a joke but had found himself wedged inside. Firemen had to hack out pieces of the surrounding wall to free him, and the man now faces up to five years in jail for property damage, plus a repair bill of 2,000 zlotys (£373).

A bereaved mother in Moscow whose son was crossing railway tracks when he was hit and killed by a train has been told to pay 400,972 rubles (£4,164) towards the repair of the locomotive.

The 15-year-old boy died at the Povarovo railway station near Moscow in 2019.

Two years on, the railway’s insurance company sent a letter demanding that the mother pay in full within 10 days or face a court case which could increase her payment by 25%. She has since paid the bill, but is planning to appeal.

Bayern Munich idol Uli Hoeness has agreed to eat at former Germany goalkeeper Timo Hildebrand’s meat-free restaurant as part of a climbdown after attacking “militants” who don’t eat animal products.

The 69-year-old World Cup winner, who owned a sausage factory after retiring from football, had claimed that people who refuse meat “only get sick in the long run”, and predicted that he will not enjoy his night out, saying he had tried meat substitute products and doesn’t like the stuff “because everything is in there that shouldn’t be in a Nuremberg sausage.”

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