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Weekly Podcast

A weekly podcast from the award-winning newspaper. The New European offers pro-European in-depth analysis of Brexit, politics at home as well as abroad, all whilst celebrating the European way of life. Join Steve Anglesey and special guests every week.

The troubling plight of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, second jobs for MPs and a second week of sleaze

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey hears listeners thoughts on MPs having second jobs and their answers as to what second jobs they would like to see Boris Johnson and his cabinet occupying in an ideal world. Former minister for Europe, former MP and Theresa May’s de facto deputy David Lidington joins the podcast to discuss this timely issue further and the government’s impatience with the rules. The New European journalist Clár Ní Chonghaile shares her thoughts on Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a decades-old debt and the government’s misdirection and inaction on the issue. Plus, Roger Helmer, Mark Pawsey MP and Ann Widdecombe all feature in the Hall of Shame this week.

Tory sleaze, government U-turns and trouble at sea.

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey discusses the latest Brexit fallout that’s led to the government being hated on both sides of the Channel and sets listeners a challenge of crafting headlines of Brexit disasters as if they had been reported in pro-Brexit publications (responses of which certainly did not disappoint him). Media commentator and journalist Liz Gerard joins the podcast to lend insights into why national newspapers who backed the Leave campaign continue to pretend as if there is nothing wrong and shares her thoughts on the ongoing Owen Paterson scandal. Plus, the government, Ann Widdecombe and Jacob Rees-Mogg all feature in the Hall of Shame this week.

When should the government implement their Covid Plan B…. and was there a Plan A?

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey discusses the other elephant in the room – Covid-19. Dr Joe Pajak joins him for a fascinating, and concerning, analysis of the rising Covid rates and shares some personal anecdotes on how his son has been affected by long Covid since catching the virus in March 2020. When will the government act, and are we in for a catastrophic winter if they don’t? Also in politics this week, the 2021 budget was announced and ‘sewagegate’ affected rivers around the UK – our host offers his take, and hears listeners thoughts, on both. Plus, Rishi Sunak, George Eustice, and Anne-Marie Trevelyan all feature in the Hall of Shame this week.

A climate change special: will COP26 be any cop?

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey discusses the plight of the British ‘expats’ (not migrants) returning to Britain because of Brexit, before hearing listener’s thoughts on what the government should be doing to tackle climate change. Columnist and award-winning journalist James Ball joins the podcast to analyse the challenges that COP26 presents, essentially for developing nations, and outlines his expectations for the summit. He also shares his thoughts on banning anonymity on social media, which, in light of recent events in Leigh-on-Sea, he compares to bolting the door after a chip pan fire as, he believes, the two aren’t related. Plus, the Hall of Shame returns this week, as our host believes Sir David Amess’s death should not drive us to a fear of critiquing politicians, to feature Julia Hartley-Brewer, Ann Widdecombe and Boris Johnson.

From Brexit to Polexit: an idiot, and an existential crisis, abroad

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey hears listeners’ thoughts on Boris Johnson’s recent jaunt to Marbella, most of whom weren’t best pleased. Senior journalist for The New European Suna Erdem joins the podcast to discuss the situation in Poland and the seriousness of the threat of ‘Polexit’. Is European populism in its final days and, back home, how much longer can the government emerge from poor decisions smelling like roses? These are both questions Suna discusses. Plus, Martin Daubney, Ann Widdecombe and Iain Duncan Smith all feature in the Hall of Shame this week.

Boris’ Build Back … Blather, and Keir Starmer’s quest for competency

The New European Podcast is back from its break! In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey hears your thoughts on both Keir Starmer’s and Boris Johnson’s party conference speeches – with the latter, “Build Back Blather” came to mind for one listener. Journalist and pollster Peter Kellner joins the podcast explaining that he fears the conferences did not teach the public anything they didn’t already know, or believe, about either party. As Keir Starmer continues his quest for competency, Kellner asks if he can simultaneously detoxify Labour. If he does the Conservatives are in for a scrap at the next election, he predicts. Plus, Nadine Dorries, Ann Widdecombe and Dominic Raab all feature in the Hall of Shame this week.

How Brexit ran out of gas, and how Keir Starmer can step it up a gear

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey gives Brexiteers a new name, ‘It’s-nothing-to-do-with-Brexiteers’, as politicians blame the gas crisis and further product shortages on anything but the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Writer, political strategist and The New European’s Editor-at-Large Alastair Campbell joins the podcast to discuss why politicians, and the media, won’t acknowledge Brexit, the upcoming Labour Party Conference and what Keir Starmer should be saying in his speech. Plus, Boris Johnson, Edwin Poots and Nadine Dorries all feature in the Hall of Shame this week.

Germany after Merkel: The New European election special

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey ponders if we’ve reached a point where everything, from HGV driving qualifications to the Ryder Cup, has become a metaphor for Brexit. Journalist, author and European Editor of The New European John Kampfner joins the podcast live from Germany, fresh off his first appearance on German daytime TV, to discuss the cabinet reshuffle, what’s next for Germany, and the country’s relationship with the EU after the German election. Plus, Gavin Williamson, Boris Johnson and Roger Helmer all feature in the Hall of Shame.

Social care and Brexit: troubles in the NHS and trouble in store

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey dissects the latest calamities of Brexit and hears listeners thoughts on the latest government tax increase to fund social care and the NHS backlog. Author and journalist James Ball compares this latest social care plan to Theresa May’s (spoiler alert – this one is much worse), before explaining the similarities between Brexit and the latest version of Cats – both have similar production value and both equally disastrous. Plus, Priti Patel, Ann Widdecombe and Gavin Williamson all feature in the Hall of Shame this week.

Getting Brexiteers to apologise and choosing hope over politics and policies

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey looks at the NHS blood tube shortage and the conspicuous absence of some beers on Tim Martin’s Wetherspoon’s menu before asking what it takes for Brexiteers to hold their hands up and apologise? Author and journalist Sarfraz Manzoor joins the podcast to discuss his latest book, They: What Muslims and Non-Muslims Get Wrong About Each Other, how hope can lead to a united society more so than politics and policies and the state of his life-long love of Bruce Springsteen (which is still as potent as ever). Plus, the Foreign Office, Sainsbury’s and the Mail on Sunday all feature in the Hall of Shame.

A shortage of goods in the UK, and an excess of fascism in Europe

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey delves into the shortage of lorry drivers that has led to supply line issues around the country – if you’re heading to a pub beer garden this bank holiday, you may need to think twice about what beer you order – it might not be on offer. Journalist, writer and filmmaker Paul Mason joins the podcast to discuss how to stop fascism, from Poland to the US. How do people become radicalised online so quickly and how can anonymity and pseudonymity cause more harm than good? These are all questions Paul tackles. Finally, John Redwood, Ann Widdecombe, and Dominic Raab all feature in the hall of shame this week.

Aerospace, red tape and is there any mileage in moaning?

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey delves into the latest choice remarks from foreign secretary Dominic Raab and hears The New European Podcast’s listeners thoughts on what Britain can learn from its involvement in Afghanistan. Broadcaster and Journalist Mark Mardell guest stars on the podcast to discuss if the BBC’s independence is under threat, his new documentary podcast Trading Blows, and how while exporters new regulations may have been deemed ‘teething problems’, they can still be painful, tedious and cause many a sleepless night – ask any parent. Finally, Nigel Farage, Ann Widdecombe and Desmond Swayne MP all feature in the Hall of Shame this week.

Levelling Britain up for 2070 and looking back on Russia in 1991

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey is joined by journalist Suna Erdem who discusses the pan European qualities of a British term – levelling up – and explains what can be achieved in the short term for an issue that has decades ahead of it. Author and journalist James Rodgers shares his first-hand experiences of being in Russia in 1991 during the fall of the Soviet Union and what it was like to see the world he had grown up with change right in front of his eyes. Plus, Owen Paterson MP, Ann Widdecombe and Dan Wooton all feature in the Hall of Shame this week.

Unrequited (political) love for India, the pot paradox and what European tales to read this summer

For this week’s bumper summer special issue episode, host Steve Anglesey is joined by journalist Rashmee Roshan Lall who discusses if the government’s love of India is reciprocated and emphasises the importance of keeping your word in politics. Global editor of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism James Ball considers the issues on both sides of the Cannabis legalisation debate, commenting that liberal legalisation processes can often occur unexpectedly and suddenly. Finally, for this week’s special episode Charlie Connelly introduces the Great European Lives with Charlie Connelly podcast, a teaser episode of which features at the end of this podcast, and tells listeners what European books to read on the beach this summer, even if it is in the UK. Plus, Telegraph columnist Madeline Grant, Priti Patel and Darren Grimes all feature in the Hall of Shame.

What Dominic Cummings did next… and what Keir Starmer should do next

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey is joined by writer and self-proclaimed bon viveur Zoe Williams who discusses the concerning rise of Priti Patel, and the even more troubling future of the new right. Political strategist and former political secretary to Tony Blair and communications director to Julia Gillard John McTernan delves into the traits of Dominic Cummings the disruptor and explains how Keir Starmer can win the next election by taking certain issues off the table. Plus, Lord Frost, Ann Widdecombe and Rishi Sunak enter the Hall of Shame.

Football, politics and the rise of sado-populism

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey is joined by writer and broadcaster Steve Richards who rebukes claims that football results have a direct effect on political polls. Writer, communicator and our Editor-at-large Alastair Campbell explains how, and why, sado-populists get away with their sado-populist politics. Plus, we include a snippet of Jason Solomons’ interview with the great Charlotte Gainsbourg, exclusively from the Cannes Film Festival and you can listen to the interview in full in our special edition episode on the world’s most influential film festival, online now. Finally, Mail on Sunday columnist Dan Hodges, Ann Widdecombe and Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce enter the Hall of Shame.

Cannes Film Festival Special

In this special edition episode, Jason Solomons is in Cannes to bring listeners the sounds of the world’s most glamorous and influential film festival. He speaks to European style icon Charlotte Gainsbourg, Norway’s rising star Renate Reinsve, Cannes Film Festival legend Jeremy Thomas and many more.

The problem with vaccine nationalism and finding a solution to protest politics

In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey is joined by author and journalist John Kampfner to discuss why the West’s vaccine nationalism has done the world no favours. But, not before he offers a variety of metaphors to describe Berlin’s reaction to England securing a place in the Euro 2020 final. Broadcaster and author Bonnie Greer delves into the solutions to protest politics and shares her response to being stopped on the street by unfriendly faces. Plus, hotel inspector Alex Polizzi, far-right blogger Paul Joseph Watson and Boris Johnson enter the Hall of Shame.

Waiting for Boris Johnson’s inevitable fall, and what to watch from the Cannes Film Festival until then

In this week’s episode, Steve Anglesey is joined by’s Ian Dunt who explains why everyone hated Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and how reclaiming the Brexit narrative could mean the demise of Boris Johnson. Presenter and critic Jason Solomons divulges the best 50 European films ever made and looks forward to the upcoming Cannes Film Festival – even if he is still pondering how you greet red carpet goers in the time of Covid. Plus, Lord Moylan, Ann Widdecombe and roaming charge deniers enter the Hall of Shame.

How David Bowie predicted Brexit, and phoney proclamations of patriotism

In this week’s episode, Steve Anglesey is joined by comedian and author Mitch Benn who pleads the nation to stop with these mandatory and fake proclamations of patriotism at every corner. Broadcaster and author Gavin Esler dissects the language behind global Britain and levelling up, and shares the tale of a somewhat unlikely fan in Texas. Plus, Boris Johnson, Andrea Leadsom and Daniel Hannan enter the Hall of Shame.

The realities of the Australia trade deal, talking politics with Brexiteers and flag patterned socks

In this week’s episode, Steve Anglesey is joined by chair of the European Movement Andrew Adonis to discuss how the pandemic has clouded the real impact of Brexit, and shares why he will be donning his beloved EU socks in parliamentary proceedings from now on. Former BBC business correspondent Jonty Bloom talks the realities of the post-Brexit trade deal with Australia. Plus, GB News and Ann Widdecombe enter the Hall of Shame.

How John Major unintentionally sparked Brexit, and the fall of the Murdoch empire

In this week’s episode, Steve Anglesey is joined by historian James Hawes to look back at how Brexit could have been sparked by former pro-European prime minister John Major. Journalist Liz Gerard looks at the fall of the Murdoch empire, and how the Sun has lost its way since the EU referendum. Is their loyal allegiance to Boris Johnson part of the problem? Plus, Brexiteers Noel Gallagher and Martin Daubney enter the Hall of Shame.

Radical Joe, Germansplaining and Brexiteer remorse

On this week’s podcast, host Steve Anglesey is joined by former German newspaper editor Tanit Koch to give a European perspective on post-Brexit politics and culture. Award-winning journalist James Ball talks about how Joe Biden has shaken off his ‘sleepy Joe’ nickname, and we discuss how Keir Starmer fared against Piers Morgan on Life Stories. Finally, we look at the latest Brexiteer remorse, and listeners give suggestions for the wedding gifts they would give Boris Johnson.

Dominic Cummings, Putin’s Arctic gamble, and Labour’s love-hate relationship with the unions

On this week’s podcast, Steve Anglesey discusses Dominic Cummings’ select committee appearance and is joined by award-winning journalist John Kampfner to talk about Vladimir Putin’s latest gamble in the Arctic and why Europe should brace itself for more aggression from Moscow. Meanwhile, Francis Beckett discusses Labour’s 2024 election fortunes and why the party needs to part ways with its union roots.