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Brexiteers of the week: John Lydon shows he’s pretty vacant with support for Donald Trump and Brexit

John Lydon - Credit: WireImage

The contenders are…

The nicotine-stained man-frog certainly knows a gap in the market when he sees one. Farage has been hinting he will soon revive the Brexit Party – because with only the Tories, UKIP and Laurence Fox’s Reclaim out there, the British people must be crying out for a right-wing grouping that hates the snowflakes, immigration and the EU.

Now our hero says he’s held discussions about buying national radio station TalkRadio from Rupert Murdoch. This represents a golden opportunity for British radio listeners to hear from a mouthy Brexiteer for a change – provided, of course, they’re not already listening to Nick Ferrari, Andrew Pierce and Iain Dale on LBC, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Dan Wootton and Mike Graham on TalkRadio itself or waiting patiently for Andrew Neil’s new Fox-alike GB News channel.

Should TalkFarage give Nigel a rare chance to share his views with the public, no doubt it will be a ribbeting – sorry, riveting – listen.

The aptly-named veteran Brexiteer MP has been reported to the parliamentary commissioner for standards after slipping a subtle reference to his forthcoming book into prime minister’s questions.

Amess began a question about trade talks by saying, “Next month, a book that I have written, called Ayes and Ears: a Survivor’s Guide to Westminster, will be published. Part of it covers Brexit.” Labour claim the plug used “an opportunity… to advocate for constituents, to ensure wider publicity for his new book. As a result, Mr Amess could take personal financial gain. Under the official guidance, such an interest is indeed ‘wholly personal’ and therefore ‘ought not to be pursued by the member in proceedings in parliament’.”

Amess has been much quieter about his previous publication, a profile of working-class Tory MPs called The Party Of Opportunity, which features a lengthy contribution from Mark Francois.

Brexiteers of the week: Trump getting Covid will “neutralise” Biden, croaks Farage

Brexiteers of the week: No-deal is really a deal all along, says Frederick Forsyth

The easily-offended Brexit campaigner isn’t just angry at Scotland Yard’s decision to question him for allegedly stirring up racial hatred by publishing an interview with historian David “so many damn blacks” Starkey. He’s also fuming that the BBC won’t cover his complaints when The Times had made them the subject of a leading article.

But one wonders whether Darren had read the Times article in question. It said he had suffered “humiliation” and “been exposed as naive, deeply unserious and incapable of behaving with even the minor degree of responsibility required of a figure of mild public renown.”

Talking of deeply unserious, Grimes’ pals in the Free Speech Union tweeted: “The police should be investigating CRIMES not GRIMES!” Yep, and they’d get more sense out of a Yorkshire pudding from a TOBY CARVERY than from TOBY YOUNG!

But the Brexiteer of the week is…

The former Sex Pistol turned Country Life salesman says he will vote for Donald Trump in next month’s US election. He told The Observer: “He’s the only sensible choice now that Biden is up – he’s incapable of being the man at the helm.”

It’s surely Lydon’s wisest choice since 1977, when the Pistols replaced songwriter/accomplished musician Glen Matlock with Sid Vicious, whose bass playing was of such a high standard that his amplifier was often left unplugged on stage. 

The vocalist also reaffirmed his backing for Brexit, saying that the British working class have shown “They’re not going to be dictated to by unknown continentals.” It’s a far cry from 2016, when he called leaving the EU “insane and suicidal…There’ll be no industry, there’ll be no trade, there’ll be nothing – a slow, dismal, collapse. It’s ludicrous.”

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?