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Piers Morgan hits out at ‘disgrace’ Donald Trump over election ‘win’ claim

Piers Morgan criticises his "good friend" Donald Trump on Lorraine - Credit: ITV

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan has hit out at his former “good friend” Donald Trump over his declaration that he has won the US election without a clear result.

Morgan has made a screeching u-turn over his support for the American president in recent weeks, having previously backed his leadership in the White House.

Writing in his memoirs, he previously explained: “It’s not easy being friends with the president of the United States when he’s as divisive as Trump”.

He continued: “I think he’s an extraordinary political character and I find myself agreeing with as much of what he says and does as I disagree.”

Last month he said a Trump win would be the best outcome for post-Brexit Britain but appears to have rowed back on that view after the president declared victory, despite a second term looking uncertain.

He tweeted: “President Trump has just launched an unprecedented assault on American democracy, demanding millions of Americans are denied their votes, and it’s an absolute disgrace”.

Appearing on ITV, he explained: “It is an assault on American democracy from the man supposedly at the centre and top of American democracy. Because what Trump is really doing is he’s trying to say ‘I’ve won, stop any votes counted, because I’ve won’.”

He continued: “By doing what he’s doing, you can imagine his supporters now buying into the idea that if he doesn’t now win, it has somehow been stolen from him”.

The comments sparked surprise from those who noticed it was the latest in a change of opinion from the former newspaper editor.

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Garrett Mundy tweeted: “Gee Piers. It almost sounds like you haven’t spent years cheering him on from the sidelines….”

Stella Street wrote: “Spare us the faux shock. You were one of his biggest fans and journalist enablers before COVID hit the world so you know exactly the type of thundering bellend he is.”

Rick Burin commented: “Amazing that these enablers in the media still have jobs. It’s not just the moral bankruptcy and the amnesia as to their own complicity, but also just been absolutely shit at their job. If you couldn’t see through Trump, why we should we ever listen to anything you say.”

“It was believable if you long ago realised who and what Donald Trump is instead of trying to get him on Life Stories,” posted Mark Worgan.