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Celine Etheridge

Curt Bloch: Verses like dynamite

The German Jewish writer defied the Nazis by producing a magazine from his hiding place in Holland. They are testament to his life and times

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The death of Lenin

The creator of the first totalitarian state died on January 24, 1924. His body was viewed by the faithful in temperatures of -35C

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Volcanoes: Nature’s fire and brimstone

Europeans have a long held fascination with volcanoes. But no one knows when or where the next potentially deadly eruption will occur

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Ahmad Hasaballah: Witness to destruction

Images by the photographer in the city of Khan Yunis underline the suffering of ordinary Gazans

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SS Normandie: the rise and fall of the jazz age Titanic

Beloved of celebrities, the SS Normandie was the fastest, most beautiful ocean-going liner of them all – yet it was doomed from the start

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Moscow’s hidden cathedrals

The city has unveiled the world’s largest underground rail loop, but its celebrated Metro system is not without its sinister side

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Harambee: Inside the Black House

Photographer Colin Jones’s controversial series of images captured the grim reality of 1970s London for young black people.

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Bohemian rhapsody: Inside the Beat Hotel

At a rundown Paris fleapit in the 1950s and 60s, it didn’t matter if you had no money – you could pay the rent by using art

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